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Mothers' Hideaway: Works for Me Wednesday- Lullaby CD!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday- Lullaby CD!

Thanks Jojo for today's blog!

There are so many trials to face when being a parent. The endless cleaning, the messes, the cooking.. So, what do you do when you reach that point of total exhaustion- just to find your little one just will not go to sleep?? Seek out a solution as quickly as possible. How else can you possibly use that supermom cape? So, what works for me? This American Lullaby cd!

It has really helped with my 6 month old getting to sleep. We use it for naps and for bedtime. I swear he's like Pavlov's dog when he hears this cd. It's like an automatic button has been turned on and he conks right out. (well not always!) I swear it's what saved us on sleeping. The music is very very soothing and even makes me sleepy when I turn it on. It's a compilation of various artists and is worth every penny! Because you know, sleep just really works for me.

What works for you when you need to occupy your kids or get them to sleep? Share with us at!

Thanks to We are THAT Family for hosting Works for Me Wednesday!


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