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Mothers' Hideaway: Kitchen Tips Tuesday- Slow Cooker to the Rescue!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kitchen Tips Tuesday- Slow Cooker to the Rescue!

Thanks Jojo for today's blog!

What mom doesn't need some help in the kitchen? Well, as I'm waiting for my sous chef to arrive, I have been picking up a few tips. My new found cooking tool is my slow cooker! It is amazing. I have the new calphalon 7 quart slow cooker and I absolutely love it.

I am not always able to stand in the kitchen and cook especially with a 6 month old bellowing for his mommy to hold him so I usually just dump all of my ingredients in there and let it cook. I recently made some chili, chicken with vegetable, vegetables with rice and chicken cacciatore in it and it all comes out quite delicious and warm. All you need is a little bit of creativity and whatever ingredients are on hand for a great meal. I am sure this is going to be used more often as the winter months start coming in. It really is a time saver and a sanity saver!

What Kitchen Tips help you out in your busy day? Share with us at!

Thanks to Tammy's Recipes for hosting Kitchen Tips Tuesday!

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