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Mothers' Hideaway: Works for Me Wednesdays- New Toy

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works for Me Wednesdays- New Toy

When I was younger my dad could be kinda tough on us. In fact, he was straight up cruel at times. We'd end up in these huge arguments and inevitably I'd end up crying and screaming, he'd end up yelling and shouting, and somewhere in my girlish hormones doors were slammed. Hours or perhaps even a day or so after a blow out my father would take me out to "apologize" and usually...this meant he bought me something. By the time I was 12 I had figured him out and I thought it was lame. He figured out that I thought it was lame and stopped giving me stuff. Or....he'd do it and would be hurt by my dismissal of him.

My sister and he tended to have similar fights, but at the "apology" trip my sister would be head over heels over whatever he got her. She'd forgive him and inevitably he was the best daddy ever. Every.single.time. (For the record, this still works for her and she's 25). Dad would feel better and the smile he'd get would shine from ear to ear. I'd roll my eyes in my big sister teenage gloom and think "You're so easy to be bought. I'm tougher than that."

Now, here I sit with my own 20 month old son. All I want is to make him happy and patience is hard to come by at times. He frustrates me, just as I frustrate him, but in the end....I just want him happy. So, while sitting in his playroom the other day I realize....he needs more toys! Off to Toys'R'Us we go.

I let him roam the aisles and check out every.single.thing in the store and while my son put numerous things into the stroller, I put just as many (oh wait, all of them) back on the shelf. Finally, as I'm disheartened because I can't find a good ol' fashioned car toy that made no noise (apparently those don't exist!), I pass by a race track, with cars that made *gasp* no noise!!!!!!! It was affordable! AMAZING! Off to check out we go!

I posted about the results on Mothers' Hideaway in a post that says

"OMG he loved it. He ended up having a tantrum when it was time to eat and go to bed last night. Then this morning when he woke up he said "Eat" to DH because he didn't eat well last night, but when he saw his cars he said "Go CAR!"

The best part of it all was when we were opening it I had said "Mommy got you a new toy, buddy!" Then after a while when we had been playing it he smiled at me....walked over to me....and gave me a big hug!! Totally spontaneous. I LOVED it and DH said "Oh I think he's giving you a 'Thank You' hug"

I have to say....that's the BEST feeling in the entire world. "

To bring this back to my dad buying us off....after I got the hug from my son I realized what works for me.....I realized that even for my dad back then and for me now that nothing is better than being your kids hero or receiving your kids love. Even if it costs $19.34 including tax.

To see the entire post check out Mothers' Hideaway or to tell us about your New Toy experience check us out at

Thank you to We Are THAT Family for having Works for Me Wednesday!!


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