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Mothers' Hideaway: Kitchen Tips Tuesday 8/4- Magic Eraser

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kitchen Tips Tuesday 8/4- Magic Eraser

So when asking for some kitchen tips, Jo provided a great tool on our boards:

Anyone ever use Mr. Clean magic eraser?? Holy! It is the best cleaning tool I have used on my stove/sink/microwave/etc. You do not have use any elbow grease whatsoever. Just dab a little water on it and scrub away (can't even call it scrubbing--it's so easy to use!)

On my stove I usually spray some fantastik and just whisk around the magic eraser and my stove looks brand new! I also use it in the sink to get off all the grime. I just love it!

This of course, reminded me of a story (as most things do) of when my nearly 4 year old son was a bit younger. I myself also love the Mr. Clean magic eraser. We have used it on many stains.. wine stains, coffee stains, juice cup stains, you name it. Any stain too tough to get out, you could depend on Mr. Clean's magic eraser to get out. Even.. dog stains??

Now, I don't mean stains the dog may have been made by the dog by bathroom accidents or dragging food around. No, no, I mean stains on the dog. What stain, might you ask? Well, the one our then toddler made by surreptitiously dropping his peas on the floor. Now, one would think the dog would be eating these peas, but that person would not take two things into account. One, we had a very bizarre dog who would not eat green food (lettuce, broccoli, etc.). No kidding, if it was green, he would not eat it. (Sigh, is it bad when your animals have issues?) Two, the dog was busy eating some of the food we had noticed our son drop on the floor. So did we think to check what the dog was happily munching on under the table? Of course not.

Why didn't we remember the dog's aversion to green food?

Well, we quickly remembered once the meal was over, and out comes Keuper (the dog) in a nice new shade of sickly yellow-green. In my ever level-headedness, I scream, hysterically of course, that the baby has vomited all over the dog and he's sick. My husband rolls his eyes at me and said he must have rolled around in the peas our toddler dropped on the floor (that was my next guess, I swear). Ahh, life as a parent.

So, we go about getting situated to give the dog a bath. My husband goes outside to get the hose around the side of the house, while I go to get the doggie shampoo and a towel. As I return into the kitchen and dining area, my husband walks inside. We both look, open-mouthed at our toddler, scrubbing the dog with- that's right, you guessed it- a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

First we (okay, I) panicked, whisked our son up and scrubbed him clean of any chemicals and yelled at my husband for leaving it out (since I was actually the one who had been using it on one of the aforementioned juice stains).

Then, we laughed. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. It seemed our toddler not only knew how to clean, but was aware of just how often the Mr. Clean magic eraser was used in our house. So my kitchen tip for this Tuesday? Keep the peas away from the dog, chemicals away from your kids, and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser handy. You never know what you may have to clean!

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At August 5, 2009 at 2:10 PM , Anonymous Stacey said...

Cute story :) I would be careful about using Magic Erasers though. They are incredibly toxic! Norwex makes a non toxic product similar to Magic Erasers.


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