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Mothers' Hideaway: Motivating Mondays: Braving the Outdoors

Monday, July 27, 2009

Motivating Mondays: Braving the Outdoors

How do you become motivated to do things that are against your nature? For example, are you an indoor or outdoor person? Does it depend on whether or not you have the kids with you? This was a thought that occurred to me after a playgroup, so I brought up in discussion on our boards. A few replies:

We are outdoor people. It is much more difficult with kids but we still spend a fair amount of time outside. In FLA we have to be a little careful about what time of day we are outside with the kids - nothing midday.

I would like to say I am an outdoor person but it seems lately that I like the indoors. I like the A/C when it is hot. I do like it when the weather is nice. It is like I come out of hibernation So I guess I better say I am more an indoor person for now.

I like being outdoors if it's warm. I'm not the nature type of person though. I'd rather shop than sight see.

The last answer is my favorite, and one I could have written myself. I am all about the "outdoors"- when it involves a lounge chair and a glass with an umbrella in it, or a leisurely walk along the beach! I am not, nor have I ever been, a big fan of nature. I don't do critters, I don't do bugs, I don't do extreme temperatures (in either direction).

But, now I have two kids. So, at the request of my 3 year old son, I spent the evening with the family at a park, with a ton of old oak trees. It sits on a bay, clear water in the distance, a calming presence to the insanity of the playground. It was a picturesque location, perfect for family fun.

And then came the bugs. And the sticky heat. And the critters. All the things I cannot stand, bites covering me, heat irritating me. I finally have enough and need to leave- my 3 month old little girl just got bit by a bug while in her stroller. It was time to go. I could not even fathom why we came in the first place. Then, as we were going to the car, my son tugs on my hand. I look down at him, sparkling eyes and sweaty face. He says, "thank you mommy, I love the park!".

I hate extreme temperatures, sluggish heat, critters, and biting bugs. But I have two kids now. Long live the park. My kids are my motivation to do those things I just don't want to do.

How do you motivate yourself with the demands of your kids? Tell us at!!

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At July 27, 2009 at 7:52 PM , Anonymous MaranathaMom said...

i try fulfill requests while at the same time teaching patience. requests for a snack: in 5 minutes. requests to play: in 5...and then I will play for a few minutes--maybe ten. I have to set timers a lot or I will get sidetracked & forget my promises!


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