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Mothers' Hideaway: An outing with Matthew

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An outing with Matthew

Today, we're going to take a glimpse inside the day one of our adorable MH Munchkins, Matthew! Because really, seeing adorable photos of gorgeous kiddos and showing them off is what being a mom is all about- and Mothers' Hideaway likes to celebrate that! (Thanks bubbasmomma for the blog!)

Mom decides to take me for a walk because I was being mischievous and fighting sleep like no other little did I know she'd put this stupid hat on me again:

Things started getting bad. I was hot and fidgety so mom stuck the paci in my mouth:

I then realized that this was 1. not my bottle and 2. not a boob so I spit it out and kept wondering why my mommmy was taking pics of me and not feeding me:

So I had enough and let it out. Mommy finally stopped snapping pictures and we took off and I fell asleep:

I got her back and woke up as soon as we got home

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