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Mothers' Hideaway: The Traveling Circus

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Traveling Circus

Are there days where the insanity of your life just makes you shake your head and laugh? One of our fabulous mommies, Mama Sandy, shares insight into her crazy world with 5 children- and a trip to the vet!

The Traveling Circus

I was reading Ashley's post about how much she loves her kids and a trip to the doctor's office and it reminded me of a couple weeks ago when I took the dog AND the cat to the vet. I was fortunate that the older kids were in school that day so it was just me, Averie, the ginormous Chihuahua and cat. I had a 9:00 appointment (what was I thinking?). I got up and got the older kids off to school so I could finally claim my spot in line for the bathroom. I showered quickly while Averie was in the bouncy seat then gave her a bath. While I was getting dressed the elusive creature that is our cat was lounging nicely on my bed so I shut the door to keep her accessible in that room. After dressing Averie she had one of her usual poopy diaper explosions; is that considered a wardrobe malfunction? Time for another bath and change of clothes.

After a quick nursing session Averie was asleep and gave me time to wrangle the critters. I got the cat into the pet taxi with surprisingly little effort and the dog on the leash. Okay, now what? I have to load the baby into the carseat, put the carseat, pet carrier and dog into the vehicle. So, after a quick trip to the car with the whining cat in the powder pink carrier I rush back into the house to manhandle the dog and baby to the car. Talk about concierge!

The trip to the vet's office is only about 5 minutes but was filled with many different sounds; the cat whining, the dog whining and Averie wide awake and cooing which sounds more like a cat with it's tail stuck in a door. I am giggling like a crazy woman all the way there.

This is where things get interesting since I made two trips to load the car but only have one shot to unload. I wore my Moby wrap for Averie. I get out of the car by slinking through a crack only a small child should have been able to fit through so the dog doesn't get out also. Go over to the back passenger door and put Averie into the Moby while holding my knees against the door to keep the dog inside the vehicle. Then I have to grab the leash and walk in circles while the dog wraps the leash around my knees and grab the pink pet carrier. This is where the traveling circus comes into play. All I needed was a whip and a tutu; the whip for the "viscious" lion in the cage, the tutu for the dancing dog. Of course Averie and I were the main attraction of the side show in a display reading "Mother/Daughter Conjoined Twins".

Luckily the vet was quick and thorough. The nurse was kind enough to feel sympathy for me and carried the cat out to the car while I whirled in circles so the dog didn't turn me into a May pole.

Needless to say I took a nap when we got home

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