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Mothers' Hideaway: Weather and Moods

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weather and Moods

Consider the following quote:

It's raining..

Yes! Here too!!!

All friggen week. It's annoying. I think we had about 6 hours of total sunshine. It's so depressing when the weather is like this.

True, isn't it? I find it interesting that the weather can so well influence our moods. I know that when I go outside and the sun is shining, my mood instantly lifts. Tell me who doesn't agree that driving with the windows down, the radio blaring, and a warm breeze drifting through the car is one of the greatest feelings? Sometimes we need elements to combine to help us reach the right level of relaxation, that zen level of just right.

Then there are those rainy days. Now, every now and then I enjoy a good storm. I like a vicious one, with the clouds angrily swearing at the world below, the rain thrashing about, angrily soaking us all. The darkness can create a wonderful cloak, under which only a glass of wine and a great novel will satisfy.

But, life dictates that these situations are not typically meant to be. Trying to run errands, take the kids to activities, and just dig out the energy to complete a day can become insurmountable tasks when the weather turns on you. What was once our radio-loving friend is now our fatigue-inducing foe. When life is pouring things on us faster than we can drink, losing the boost of a friendly weather day can be devastating.

Why is this so? Because we are women. That's the easy answer, but it's true. As women and mothers, we take the weight of the world on our shoulders. So when it's a nice day, things can maintain at the status quo. But when it's a dark day, it's on our shoulders. It weighs on us, as though it is our fault the skies are angry. It reflects the things that are bothering us that we just don't have time to deal with in an ordinary day. In essence, it embodies what we do not have time to address.

It's our hidden mood. So, when we can enjoy beautiful weather, not inhibiting the tasks we rush to get done, we can find an element of joy to boost us. But when the weather dares to infringe on our hectic days, when it dares to hinder what we try to be.. well, that's why weather impacts our moods.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to complain about your weather, or share your thoughts on something else? Join us at our new and improved Mothers' Hideaway!!


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