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Mothers' Hideaway: Appreciating our children

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Appreciating our children

Our children all make us want to tear our hair out at times. They can exasperating little things. But, the love and joy they give us overrides any of that. Today, I'm going to share some thoughts of one of our members, and her very energetic little boy!

I love my son. I know that's true about every mother, but today....I realized that even though he's a handful, even though he's stubborn, even though he's difficult in so many ways.....he's my baby boy and I love everything about him.

Today I had a doctor's appt that typically lasts 3 hours. I was nervous because I was bringing him with me. I was wise enough to make the appointment for his playtime and not naptime or food time, but I was nervous. I expected the worst. We're talking screaming, crying, hitting, dirty looks from people, throwing of food, and more. Today, what I got was happy screams, flirting, waving, talking, laughing, some crying (he hit his head on the chair), and just overall good behavior.

First I had my appt and he flirted with the nurse and the doctors. While we were waiting in the exam room he kept laughing, but bent over and left a mark on his forehead (even more to make him look like an abused child). Then he kept walking from my doctor to her fellow and giving them high fives and laughing. Then when he was ready to leave he walked to the door and kept saying "Bye Bye" and waving Then he did the same when I went to have my bloodwork done.

At the very end of the appointment I had to have an xray of my back and they took him back with us and put him in the nurses station. At first he cried because he couldn't see me and there were 5 female nurses going googly eyes over him. It was dinner time for him, so I'm sure that didn't help. Then, once they learned that he loved high fives and "Zzzz" (taking his pointer finger and zapping you) he was flirting and laughing up a storm. They were laughing the whole time I was on the table getting turned and twisted for the xrays When I said it was time to go he said "Bye bye" and waved.

We came home, did dinner, bathtime, and bed time. He was so worn out he was falling asleep in my arms as I sang him his bedtime song.

He made my day so easy....I really really love him for that.

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