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Mothers' Hideaway: Works for Me Wednesday- Keeping baby warm!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday- Keeping baby warm!

Taking walks give both mommy and baby a break, and can do wonders for inducing naps. But the fall weather can present a bit of a problem for babies that like to be worn. So I had to find a product that works for me, and I've found that I love my peekaru! It keeps Matthew warm when it's cold out and I don't have to bundle him up. If we go for a walk with the Ergo I just pop the peekaru over him so I don't have to wear a coat. It's great for those brisk fall days when you don't want to bundle up but still need something to keep the chill out.

It's also really easy to use by yourself. The step by step instructions are really clear cut and you really do not need help from anyone! I love finding simple and easy to use mama/baby gear that works for me!

What works for you when facing parenting obstacles? Share with us at!

Thanks to We Are That Family for hosting Works for Me Wednesday!!


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