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Mothers' Hideaway: Christmas Decorating We Go!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Decorating We Go!

I love the weekend after Thanksgiving. To me, this officially starts the Christmas Season. I have several superstitions, as before this I do not watch Christmas movies, read Christmas books, or listen to Christmas music. But, once the turkey and stuffing is put away and the last of the pumpkin pie is eaten, it is time to let the Christmas Season invade! This year will be interesting for us. Typically, it's all systems a go, let the decorating begin. But, this year, we'll be moving the weekend before Christmas. So, we've decided to forgo the outdoor lights (well, maybe, unless I change my mind!) and instead focus on the inside. I put up the decorations, will pack them the 18th of December to be moved and then re-decorate in the new house the day we get there. Whew!

So, my evolution of decorating begins with a dining room full of boxes..wish me luck!

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